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To Whom IT May Concern:

I serve as the Chairperson of the Fourth largest school district in South Carolina. In recent times we have had some extremely difficult organizational challenges that we have had to urgently address. Faced with these challenges the Board engaged the professional services of Harding Parker & Associates to help calm the water and correct our institutional problems.

In addition, we also; contracted them to conduct a superintendent search on our behalf. The Team did a superb job; it was a true pleasure to work closely and side by side with their professional team of associates. They helped us find an outstanding leader. The public will never appreciate some of the difficulties we faced and the prompt solutions Harding Parker & Associates brought to our situation.

I would highly recommend Harding Parker & Associates for your consideration if you want professionalism, high work ethic, and unimpeachable character. They know how to get results.

Sally Wofford, Chairperson

Berkeley County School Board of Trustees, SC

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